Quality and customer satisfaction is our main priority
Quality and customer satisfaction is our main priority
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                               I'm Monet, founder of Dipped N Color.

          As a mom, I know the challenges facing today's parents all too well.

 ● I've felt the mom-guilt when I don't have time or energy to spend with my child.

 ● I've struggled with overwhelm from the responsibilities and tasks that come with motherhood.

 ● I've experienced losing myself in the demands of being a parent.

 ● I've been frustrated with the lack of representation of healthy black and brown families in my child's world.

 ● I've worked hard to shut out others' opinions of me and find what works for me as a mother.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with paint kits. The answer? Everything.

It all started when a drunk driver hit my car. The aftermath led to me becoming a stay-at-home mom, and I started tie-dying as an outlet for my anxiety.

As time went on, life got busier. I soon found myself juggling motherhood, working full-time, and building a business. I never had enough time for myself, and I had a lot of guilt about spending too much time away from my son. To spend more time with him, we began painting together.

That's when the inspiration hit.

When the first paint event I planned sold out, I knew I was on the right track. I began to transition my business from clothing to paint parties, and then COVID halted everything. In-person events weren't happening, but the need for quality family activities was more important than ever.

My mission to inspire parents and children to connect deeply and create freely was born during this time. As the world shut down, the stress and overwhelm became more pronounced for many families. Parents needed balance, support, and fulfillment. Children needed guidance, confidence, and creativity. And everyone needed connection.

So, we created the Paint With Me Subscription Box as our answer to the needs of parents and children.

When you buy a paint kit subscription, you choose to:

● Let go of the unrealistic expectations for parents and embrace YOUR way of being a family.

● Support a company that values inclusivity and representation for healthy brown and black families.

● Prioritize balance and individuality and show your child that they matter.

● Open communication and empower your child to be their authentic self.

● Invest in yourself, your child, and the strong family bonds essential for their healthy growth and development.

Don't wait to get started! Head over to our listings and learn all about how our products work and how to order yours. Thanks for supporting Dipped N Color!